Belatacept: A Chimeric Fusion Protein

Case Study

This poster was designed for a molecular pharmacology project. Belatacept is a chimeric fusion protein composed of domains taken from IGG1 and CTLA-4. This protein inhibits T-cell activation in cells to keep the body from rejecting kidney transplants. This complex topic was parsed down and explained using simple 2D graphics combined with an eye-catching 3D visual to teach the viewer about this incredible molecule. 

Belatacept concept
Belatacept molecule


Molecular components were imported into Visual Molecular Dynamics (VMD) from the Protein Data Bank. Models were then exported from the VMD to Autodesk 3ds Max where the scene and materials were created. The scene was rendered using Chaos Group's V-Ray renderer. Compositing was done in Adobe Photoshop and 2D assets were created in Adobe Illustrator.

CD-80 molecule
Belatacept scene