Surgical Management of Brain Bleeds

Case Study

This piece was done for a wrongful death case as a requirement for a Medical Legal Illustration course.  The patient suffered from several types of brain hemorrhages.  Surgeons performed two different craniotomies to release swelling.  This illustration was to be used as an exhibit in the case to show the jury the intensity of surgery that the victim underwent.

Craniotomy sketch
Craniotomy asset


After carefully evaluating the surgical procedure within the available documentation, sketches were completed.  References involving photographs, videos, and other illustrations were used.  Since this piece was to be used in a legal case, great emphasis was placed on the value and saturation of the colors used to ensure that the audience would have an emotional response.  This piece was painted in Adobe Photoshop and the graphical elements were designed in Adobe Illustrator.

Craniotomy asset
Craniotomy brain