Package Redesign

Case Study

This piece was created for an assignment in a Graphic Design course. The challenge was to redesign the packaging of a popular product and then place it on a box in 3D.  The color scheme of this new package was chosen to help calm and relax the consumer, who would most likely be suffering from cold symptoms. The package also includes a bright sunrise that pushes away the dark clouds within the scene, representing the effect of the medicine on the user.

dayquil redesign
3ds max box


All text, warnings, and logos are replicated from the original DayQuil package. The sunset image was painted in Adobe Photoshop. The layout of the package was done in Adobe InDesign. After the package design was finalized, it was brought into Autodesk 3ds Max and mapped onto a box and placed in a studio lighting setting.

3ds max studio lighting
dayquil package redesign