Diabetes Prevention - Graduate Project Research

patient decision aid prototype

Case Study

Women with a history of gestational diabetes are left at high risk of developing type II diabetes later in life. This risk further increases with the diagnosis of prediabetes. This research project focused on the creation of a patient treatment decision aid that combines scientific literature with infographics to create an educational and enjoyable experience for its users. This project included members of UIC's Biomedical Visualization program, Department of Medicine, and UI Health.


Extensive research was performed in order to develop this project. Topics of study included diabetes, decision aids and their evaluation, health literacy, learning and comprehension, infographics, and eye tracking technology. Current trends in decision aid development, health literacy rates in Americans, and Mayer's theory of multimedia learning were core factors in the direction of this project.

Wireframing and asset development were done in Adobe Illustrator. Animations were created in Adobe After Effects. A functional prototype was created using UXPin to test for functionality and usability.  A second prototype was using WIX.com for testing purposes.

The patient treatment decision aid will test for knowledge gain, usability, and acceptability using pre- and post-testing, a usability and acceptability questionnaire, and eye tracking paired with think-aloud protocols.

Information gained from testing is currently being used to drive edits during the creation of the final patient treatment decision aid.