Life Cycle of the Periodical Cicada

Case Study

This poster was created as an assignment for Modeling II class. This poster needed to show a biological life cycle in a dynamic way that was different from a "circular" format. The periodical cicada has an interesting life cycle that humans only witness a short part of. Spending the vast majority of life underground, cicadas only emerge during the last 2 months of their 13-17 year lifespan. This poster is targeted at young biology students who may not be aware of the complex life cycles of certain organisms. This poster puts the viewer in the eyes of the cicada as they learn about this intriguing insect.

Cicada underground
Male Cicada


All assets were modeled in Pixologic ZBrush.  The various stages of the cicada were also painted in ZBrush along with the branches and leaves.  All materials were developed and rendered in Luxion Keyshot 6. Compositing was done in Adobe Photoshop.

Tree Model
Cicada Closeup