Neural Innervation of the Cochlea

Case Study

Due to the size, location, and complexity of the cochlea, it is a very difficult anatomical feature to comprehend. This piece was created to offer a simplified, schematic view of the cochlea, organ of corti, and associated nerves in order to provide an effective learning tool for a college audience. By utilizing line work and pointillism, form and value was portrayed without extraneous detail that could distract the audience.

Lighting study.JPG


Initial sketching was done to establish the layout of the piece. Since there are many detailed features within the cochlea, it was imperative that the layout reflected an effective level of detail and flow.  In order to aid in the line work of the bony labyrinth of the cochlea, a lighting study was done to establish form. The outline of the piece was created in Adobe Illustrator and exported into Adobe Photoshop where the line work and stippling were done.