Mission Digestible

Mission Digestible is an interactive game developed in Unity 3D for desktop.  This game was created to aid young students in learning about digestive enzymes. This topic is commonly taught using charts of enzymes and the foods that they digest.  Mission Digestible is an alternative to those boring charts and offers students a fun, humorous, and memorable experience with digestive enzymes.

Case study

This game was made for a class team assignment with Talia Lyric and Kelly Cloninger.  The guidelines included creating an interactive experience that will teach an audience a biomedical topic. Each teammate had a specific role: Content Manager, UI/UX (Kelly Cloninger), and Programmer (Talia Lyric).

Mission Digestible gameplay
Mission Digestible Unity


Background research was completed by all team members. 3D assets were created in Pixologic ZBrush, 2D assets were created  by Kelly Cloninger in Adoble Photoshop, and coding was written and implemented by Talia Lyric. All assets were imported into Unity 3D to create the game.