BVIS goes to the OR

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Case Study

This VR game is being developed for a group class assignment with Elizabeth Andreas and Patrick Price. As a Biomedical Visualization student at UIC, we have the opportunity to view and illustrate surgical operations being held at UI Health. Visiting the operating rooms for the first time is an anxiety filled experience for students because we have little guidance in the OR and are at constant fear of getting in the way or somehow messing up. This VR game is being developed with teammates Elizabeth Andreas and Patrick Price to be used as a fun training module for future BVIS students. The roles of teammates include 3D Asset Creation/Project Manager, Learning Objectives/Programmer (Elizabeth Andreas), and 2D Asset Creation/Programmer (Patrick Price).

BVIS OR Character
BVIS OR Material


This VR game is designed to address several aspects of visiting the OR that are beneficial for a student to know and understand prior to visiting the OR for the first time. These include: the layout of the OR, the process of gaining access to and using the scrub machine, utilizing the surgical board to find the correct surgical operation and OR room, and the general rules and regulations that a student must follow every step of the way.

This game is being developed in Unity 3D.  Assets are created in Unity, Autodesk 3ds Max, and Pixologic ZBrush and downloaded from the Unity asset store and  Materials are being created in Unity and Allegorithmic Substance Designer and downloaded from the Unity asset store and