Logo Development

Medical icons

This project was done as an exercise in an Advanced Graphic Design course. The assignment was to create icons for three different branches of medicine. These icons had to go together in a set and visually fit together. Pathology, Cytology, and Toxicology were chosen to ensure a strong theme of "microscopic". These icons all share similar color relationships, bold open shapes, and similar use of negative spaces. Also, each icon includes a method in which they might be observed: Pathology a slide, Cytology a view through a microscope, and Toxicology a test tube.

steve hughes logo
steve hughes logo

Personal logo

This was completed as a part of a personal branding exercise for an Advanced Graphic Design course.  The personal logo needed to have emphasis biomedical communication. Several concepts were created including a play on Darwin's finches and a skull held within the letter "h". The concept of a drafted skull drawing was chosen and then simplified before adding typography.  Creating light and dark variations was the final step.

diabetes decision aid logo

Diabetes Prevention logo

This logo was designed for the diabetes prevention patient decision aid.  Several concepts and rounds of edits went in to creating this logo.  The decision aid was created for women with a history of gestational diabetes and were thus left at high risk of developing type II diabetes.  The logo needed to be both nurturing and empowering to the women who use the decision aid.  The color is very calming and, paired with the hand, creates a nurturing effect.  However, the growing flower signifies hope and self preservation along with empowerment.