Case Study

This poster was created as an educational piece for young athletes who suffered shoulder injuries.  Superior labral anterior-posterior tears are common among overhead athletes.  This piece simplifies the injury for the viewer by showing only the bones and muscular attachments of the biceps brachii and how they relate to the glenoid labrum.

SLAP Tear 3ds Max
SLAP Tear Composite


The bones were segmented from Materialise Mimics and brought into Pixologic ZBrush for cleaning up and remeshing. The bicep brachii and labrum were modeled in ZBrush. Models were then moved to Autodesk 3ds Max for lighting and rendering.  The material of the biceps brachii and labrum were created in 3ds Max and the material of the bones was created in Allegorithmic Substance Designer. The scene was rendered using Chaos Group's V-Ray renderer and composited in Adobe Photoshop. 2D assets were developed in Adobe Illustrator.

SLAP Tear Types