Case Study

This illustration was done as an assignment for a Clinical Sciences course.  Sketches were done during direct observation of a vaginoplasty surgery.  This piece includes the illustrations of two different steps within the surgery. 

Vaginoplasty surgical sketch
Vaginoplasty surgical sketch


The creation of this began with observing a vaginoplasty surgery at Weiss Memorial Hospital in Chicago, IL. During the surgery, constant sketching and visual note taking was performed to determine aspects of the surgery that would benefit from visual representation. The view of the decimated penis was chosen to show medical students the main parts involved in this process and how they are spread apart and organized during the process. The second step, the removal of Denonvilliers' fascia, was chosen partly because of the lack of visual material available on the subject, and the fact that accurate positioning of the prostate during this step is crucial.  This piece was created in Adobe Photoshop. 

Vaginoplasty concept sketch
Vaginoplasty decimated penis
Vaginoplasty denonvilliers fascia